At the close of service on January 4, 2015, the elders made this announcement of Richard Count’s retirement:

From Richard:
“I am giving notice of my retirement (from paid ministry) on Sunday April 26th 2015 (exactly 16 full years after my date of hire: 4/26/99). I would preach the AM sermon only that Sunday.

“To be clear: I am not leaving for another position at another congregation. I love the people at Central, and wherever I go, and whatever I do, they will be in my hearts. Any future success I enjoy for the kingdom, they will share in also.

“All praise, honor and glory to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ,
Richard Counts (Minister)”



Our Shepherd Elders:

Ed Laurent

Rob Robinson



Richard Counts (Preaching/Evangelist)


Part-time Preacher/Teacher:

Lonnie Fritz,
(Evangelist and Elder at the Calimesa Church of Christ)


Web Editor:

Larry Sundquist