Sherry Falco, Charlotte and Bob Hollis’ daughter, had her surgery this morning at Loma Linda, and it appears that her surgery was very successful.  Please continue to pray for Sherry’s comfort, speedy recovery, and wellbeing; and, for her family’s comfort.

I will keep you informed.



Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers are extended to Jeannie
& Sandy Otterness in the loss of Jeannie’s Aunt, Marie
Ditmar, Marie passed away Friday morning following a long
illness. Our sympathies are also extended to Jeannies
uncle and her cousins.

Sick & Shut.ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard
Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Harold Holden
(at home), Helen Jeffries-White (Elder Care of Park Ave.),
James Luttrell (Yorkshire House Building A), Ardene
Lockhart (Desert Hills Special Care), Warren Hoover, at
home, Carl Alexander (Upland), Joannie Janke (Escondido),
JeffJanke (Rubideaux)

Roszella Stephenson – continue in prayer for successful
treatment for Roszella and Coy’s great granddaughter,
Olivia, who has been diagnosed with stage four urinary
reflux. Also, Roszella, requests prayers for her brother,
Reggy Mayo, who had a heart attack or a stroke some time

Darrell Gritten – is scheduled for surgery (Loma Linda)
Jan. 21st, next Wednesday. Your prayers are appreciated.
We do pray that his cancer will be completely eradicated,
and again, for good health and strength. Also keep Jeanine
in your prayers.

Charlotte Hollis -Sherry Falco, (Charlotte’s daughter) has
finally received a firm surgery date: Tuesday, Jan 20th,
2015. Please pray for successful surgery, and a speedy
recovery, and that she will be free of pain.

Phillip Shouey – has a hernia, and has been suffering with
it, sending him to emergency. Please be in prayer for

Loretta Reuben – will see a lung Dr. on Jan. 29, to
determine what will be the next step. At this time her
lymph glands are enlarged also. Prayers would be a

Bill & Della Bennett – continue to keep Bill and Della’s
grandson, Christopher in your prayers. The cancer located
in the brain has returned and he cannot have surgery. He
was recovering from the last cancer surgery when this was

Celina Hunt – continue to pray for Celina as she has the
cortisone injection in her back, and that she will be free
of pain.

Joyce Fronk – is no longer having surgery, due to her
insurance. Please be in prayer for her health, strength,
successful treatment and an uplifted spirit.

Ina Kerstetter – keep Ina in your prayers as she continues
to deal with the difficulty of the dialysis treatment. She
is has such a wonderful spirit, and is an example to all
of us.

Daryl Dorn – has commenced the procedures necessary for a
kidney transplant. This week he is scheduled for the blood
work. Continue in prayer for Daryl.

Homer Raney – please lift Homer’s name up in prayer, that
the Drs. find the root of his health problems, and he is
once again be feeling well. He has dealt with tests and
more tests for so long. Prayers please!

Sharon Robinson – leaves tomorrow for Canada, returning
Friday. She needs to renew her extended medical coverage.
Please pray for her safe travels, and good health.

Frances Ouintanilla – has many concerns and health issues
and would appreciate our prayers.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – our prayers for both Elmer and
Nenita would be appreciated as they both deal with health
issues. Elmer tells us that he doesn’t get out much any
more, and that he is on oxygen 24hrs. a day.

Sandy & Jeannie Otterness – please pray for Sandy and
Jeannie’s return to good health. Jeannie still deals with
varying amounts of pain in her back on a daily basis.

Richard Counts – requests prayers for a friend, Greg
Crowe, diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
The results of his recent bone marrow biopsy showed NO
lymphoma (although he had been diagnosed with stage four).
Greg states: “I’m not out of the woods yet, but with this
news my prognosis has improved significantly.” Praise the
Lord – prayer is powerful!

Willie Mae Durst – has been on antibiotics for a chest
infection and has a very sore throat. Prayers for healing
would be a blessing.

Betty Williams – our prays on her behalf would be a
blessing. Betty has some health issues and A fib, and is
often very weak.