Announcements for Prayers

Sick & Shut-ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard Browne [Brownie] [Elder Care of Park Ave.), Harold Holden [at home), Warren Hoover (Meadowbrook Nursing Facility) Ardene Lockhart (Desert Hills Special Care). Elizabeth Otis (Citrus Gardens), Carl Alexander [Upland)

Loretta Reuben – has been having on-going tests, and will get the results on Tuesday. Keep Loretta in your prayers for strength, and for good results.

Elmer Skinner – is to have a biopsy on a lump on his chest. The appointment is being scheduled. We have not heard when this will take place. Pray for good results and that his walking continues to improve. Keep Elmer and Nenita in your prayers.

Ed Laurent – had a very bad fall last Sunday evening, while closing the exit gate, here at the church building. He fell on his left side, with hip, ribs and shoulder injuries, as well as a bang on the head in two places. Ed saw the Dr. this past week, and was going to have x-rays. The results are unknown at publication. Pray for his return to good health, pain free.

Carolyn Nolan – has many appointment coming up, including one with her rheumatologist. Carolyn suffers with her back daily, and her breathing. Prayers would be a blessing.

Darrell Gritten – keep Darrell’s sister, Linda McClintock who has small cell cancer in her upper left lung in your prayers. She continues with chemo treatments [next chemo is Feb. 6), and also radiation. Her throat is sore and she has trouble speaking, but remains active, but fatigued at times. Keep praying for her stamina, to withstand all she is going through, and for her full and complete recovery.

David Otte – continues to wait for a call from the Dr., as to when he can have stents placed in his heart. Keep praying for David.

Wilma & Wayne Maynard – is contacting the Dr., to reschedule her heart appointment. Pray Wilma is able to have the heart surgery soon. Keep both Wayne and Wilma in your prayers, and for their return to good health.

Roszella Stevenson – is facing a couple more procedures, and is presently waiting for conformation that the recent procedure was effective. Keep praying! Coy – had a sonogram on the parathyroid and a suspicious nodule was discovered. He will see the Dr. on Feb, 17. Pray for excellent results.

Verna Denny – requests prayers on behalf of her daughter-in-law, Michelle. Michelle has multiple health issues including having had a triple by-pass, is legally blind and on dialysis.

Elizabeth Otis – has healed completely following surgery placing a rod in her broken femur. Elizabeth enjoys visitors, .and says “church people” when you visit. Continue to pray for Elizabeth and Don.

Pat Hobbs – a former member here at Central, now living in GA, has informed us he has kidney cancer and it has spread to his liver and elsewhere. Please keep Pat in your prayers.

Della Bennett please keep Della in your prayers, as she continues to deal with the uncertainty of her voice, and for the decision she is making for the permanent fix, which she is very apprehensive about.

Bud Marical – continues to suffer a great deal of pain, as he waits for surgery to place a longer apparatus in the knee replacement, which has separated from the prosthesis. The surgery will place on February 8. Keep Bud in your prayers, as he anticipates another knee surgery.

Evelyn Broughton – requests prayers for her granddaughter, Angelica (23), who is suffering from a very bad rash around her body. She is seeing the Dr., and at present, the source is unknown.

Toni Wilson – asks for prayers for her son Andrew, who is living on the streets and doing drugs. He really needs our prayers to spur him on to rehab, and get his life in order.

Willie Mae Durst – continues with therapy, and is doing very well, her spirits are up, and she is anxious to be back on her feet. Please keep Willie Mae in your prayers, as she recovers and gains strength.

Linda Sheldon – keep Linda in your prayers as she is continually dealing with sinus infection. Presently she is off all medication. Please pray for Linda’s return to good health.

Jim Hutchison – please continue to keep Jim’s mother, Genevieve Hutchison, in your prayers that the medication will resolve the A Fib and the high blood pressure.

Anna Arnaiz – is doing much better following fighting the infection she had after her dog bit her. Please keep Anna in your prayers for healing.

Frances Quintanilla – continue to keep Frances in your prayers as she continues to deal with health issues. She misses the children, and that is very hard on her. Keep Frances in your prayers.

Paula Cloud – our continued prayers for Paula’s son, who was dealing with drug addiction – and is now doing well, would be a blessing.

Daryl Dorn – keep praying for Daryl – as he continues with dialysis, and as he waits for information when a kidney transplant will occur. Keep praying for Daryl.