Our Sister Maria Olga Galvez who had been
on our prayer list for a long time, died on October 22
from her cancer. Actually, “Olga” is alive and well in
spirit, and it was the cancer that completely died!
Victory in Jesus.

Sick & Shut-ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard
Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Helen
Jeffries-White (Elder Care of Park Ave.), James Luttrell
(Yorkshire House Building A), Ardene Lockhart (Desert
Hills Special Care), Warren Hoover, at home, Carl
Alexander (Upland), Joannie Janke (Escondido), Jeff Janke

Claudean Sexson – has been placed in a group home. Her
dementia has become worse, and she is in need of special
care. She would appreciate a card/fetter, sent to her at
346 Broken Par Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89148. Nancy will
deliver and read them to her. Please pray for our dear
sister Claudean.

Jan & Jim Geller – request prayers for Brittany, their
granddaughter, who had very extensive jaw surgery a week
ago. She is healing quickly, with little bruising, but in
a great deal of pain. She has just started eating.
Brittany told the Dr., who was surprised at how little
bruising there was and the fast healing, that God and all
the prayers were the reason. She is an inspiration!

Joyce Fronk – was in the hospital most of this past week,
and is now in Manor Care, room 116.. She started PT last
week. Please keep Joyce in your prayers, she has had
prolonged health issues.

Betty Williams – had an angiogram on Wed. evening and was
sent home. We had thought she was having a pace maker.
Prays on her behalf would be a blessing.

Evelyn Broughton – requests prayers on behalf of her
sister and her family in the recent passing of their
husband and father.

Charlotte Hollis – requests prayers for her daughter,
Sherry Falco, who will be having surgery on Nov. 21 (she
is still waiting for conformation). Sherry continues to
have extreme abdominal pain, and although she is not
looking forward to another surgery, this can’t happen soon

Frances Quintanilla – is doing much better. Her daughter
rushed her to the hospital last week and a new Dr. stated
that she had been on the wrong medication. An adjustment
in that area has made a big difference. Keep praying for

Coy & Roszella Stevenson – ask us to continue to pray for
Robert, as he recovers from a partial toe amputation and
cellulites in his leg and shin. Roszella still hasn’t
heard anything about her recent tests.

Jeannie Otterness – is going to a pain management clinic
for her back. Jeannie states that she has been doing much
better. Continue praying!

Ina Kerstetter – is not feeling well and requests prayers
for the pain she has from the dialysis treatments.

Lupe Hanks – continues to suffer pain from infection from
her sinus’. This is the fifth month that she has required
antibiotics. Prayers would be a blessing.

Celina Hunt – is waiting for the referral for cortisone
injections in her back, to help alleviate the extreme
pain. Prayers would be appreciated.

Harold Holden – continue to pray for Harold’s return to
good health. Also keep Jeannie in your prayers, as she
ministers to Harold.

Daryl Dorn – pray that Daryl hears soon regarding a kidney
transplant. He is on the wait list, and he continues to
deal with stroke related pain.

Loretta Reuben – is waiting for an appointment date for
the biopsy. Pray for Loretta’s peace of heart and that
information with be forthcoming asap!

Bill & Della Bennett – continue to keep Bill and Delta’s
grandson, Christopher in your prayers as he recovers from
brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. He is still
suffering some effects from the surgery, and our pray is
that he will have a complete and full recovery.

Willie Mae Durst – is still suffering with pain from her
many shoulder surgeries. Please keep her in your prayers.

Lucille Rose – please keep Lucille in your prayers, as she
had (we understand) another surgery on her eyes at the Los
Angeles USC Medical Center. No word as to the outcome at

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – our prayers for both Elmer and
Nenita would be appreciated as they both deal with health

Wayne & Wilma Maynard’s daughter, Vicki Burke request our
prayers as she has many difficulties and concerns in her
life right now. One major need is a job, so please pray
that she will be led by God into His best.

“Everyone who believes that
Jesus is the Christ is born of God,
and everyone who loves the
Father loves His child as well.
This is how we know that
we love the children of God:
by loving God and carrying
out His commands.”
1 John 5:1 – 2