Remember in prayer of Sick & Shut-ins – Don & Veda Graber, Millard (Browne) Browne, Harold Holden, Warren Hoover, Ardene Lockhart, Elizabeth Otis and Carl Alexander

Elmer Skinner – at home following time in Manor Care for rehab

Ina Kerstetter – at publication in San Jacinto HealthCare for rehab

Janet Vryheid – recovering at home follow surgery an a broken ankle

Bob Hollis – his return to good health

Anna Arnaiz – recovering from a stroke and heart problems

Della & Bill Bennet – home bound with several health issues

Dary Dorn – suffering leg cramps and extreme pain from the stroke, some time ago

Dan Watson – for his full and complete recovery, following a very bad infection

Anna Laurent – recovering from heart surger

Janice Sanchez – dealing with extreme back pain

This is a very pared down list – there are many of our church family in need of our prayers and support.



Announcements for Prayers – old list:
Sick & Shut-ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Harold Holden (at home], Warren Hoover [Meadowbrook Nursing Facility) Ardene Lockhart [Desert Hills Special Care], Elizabeth Otis (Citrus Gardens), Carl Alexander [Upland], Jeannie Janke (Escondido), Jeff Janke (Rubideaux)

Ina Kerstetter – the surgery to repair the broken femur (Sept. 1) was successful, but Ina had an irregular heartbeat, during the procedure. This will be checked into later. In the afternoon of Sept. 1, Ina was sitting smiling and visiting with her family. She is now at the San Jacinto HealthCare, 275 N San Jacinto S., room 23A/B. She also continues with dialysis, which is difficult because of her veins. Continue praying for Ina, her recovery, well being and the dialysis treatments.

Bob Polley – had the laser procedure on his throat, and is waiting results of the biopsy. Bob & LaVada also request prayers for their daughter Bobbie Scott who had knee replacement surgery on Sept. 1, in Loma Linda. Keep Bob, LaVada and Bobbie in your prayers

Della & Bill Bennett – please lift Della and Bill up in prayers for their return to better health. Della states, that they are not doing well at all, and on top of it, Bill also needs a knee replacement. Please keep the Bennett’s in your prayers.

Paula Cloud – requests prayers on behalf of Geraldine Kailer, 86, who is suffering from restless leg syndrome. Paula also requests prayers on behalf of her son Reuben, who is currently homeless.

Gloria Butler – her Dr. is trying injections to fix her “trigger finger”. We pray that is successful. Gloria continues to deal with a very bad back. Prayers would be a blessing.

Anna Arnaiz – has many health concerns – she had a stroke earlier in the month, and then had heart problems. Anna was in hospital on both occasions, and is now home, but very nervous to be alone. Continue in prayer for Anna.

Janice Sanchez – is getting injections in her back for the extreme pain and her inability to walk. She is frustrated, as
she is so incapacitated. Janice would appreciate our

Roszella Stephenson – great to see Roszella last Sun. after a lengthy illness. Continue to lift her up in prayer for her return to excellent health. Also keep Coy in your prayers.

Elmer Skinner – remains in Manor Care, and continues with rehab. Elmer is determined to be able to be mobile, before he goes home. Please remember Elmer and Nenita in your prayers.

Janet Vryheid – had a set back, when she fell on her broken ankle. She has a torn tendon, and will be having another surgery soon. She is looking at several more months of healing and rehab. Janet is really in need of our prayers.

Anna Laurent – keep Anna in your prayers for a full and complete recovery following triple bypass surgery and having two valve replacements.

Frances Ouintanilla – is frail, has lost a great deal of weight, and not doing well at all. Please be in prayer for Frances.

Bud Marical – please pray for Bud’s healing, strengthening and his continued rehab. He is now without a cane, and riding his bicycle and driving his car.

Willie Mae Durst – keep Willie Mae in your prayers as she continues to deal with painful shoulder problems.

Dan Watson – continue to pray for Dan’s full and complete recovery. He is doing so much better. He has a good appetite, and able to walk more steadily.

Homer Raney – keep praying for Homer’s return to good health.

Betty Williams – continues to have difficulties, possibly due to the mold in her home, and added to that she has congestive heart failure. Betty needs our prayers.

Kelly Reed – requests prayers for her mother, who suffered a stroke, and is continuing in her recovery. Keep the family in your prayers.

Daryl Dorn – asks us to pray for relief of the extreme pain he’s experiencing in his legs from severe leg cramps. No information at this time regarding his kidney transplant.