Thank You/Appreciation Notes & Cards
Please see the card from Coy Stephenson on the bulletin board. Coy states, “I want to thank you all for your prayers, thought and concern for me and my wife. It meant so much to me. Thank you again.”

Mercy Ballard expresses her thanks and appreciation to everyone for being so supportive of her and her family.
Mercy, you bless our lives, and we love and appreciate you. Your servant heart, and your teaching abilities are evident. What would we do without you and your desire to serve.

Those same words can be said of Evelyn Broughton, Michelle Hutchison and Cindy Fritz. You all complete our teaching program, and it would be non-existent without your servant hearts.
Thank you, thank you, thank you – for your time, energy, loving spirits, teaching abilities and desire to spent time teaching our children. What a blessing!

Announcements for Prayers
Sick & Shut-ins – Veda Graber [San Marcos], Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.], Harold Holden [at home], Warren Hoover (Meadowbrook Nursing Facility], Ardene Lockhart (Desert Hills Special Care], Elizabeth Otis [Citrus Gardens], Carl Alexander (Upland]

Larry & Jean Sundquist – request prayers on behalf of their, brother-in-law. He is unable to care for himself, so a residence is being sought. Also keep Larry in your prayers for his return to excellent health.

Lonnie & Cindy Fritz – request prayers on behalf of their daughter Rachael Holtkamp, who had a seizure last week and was hospitalized for a short time. She hit her head, hurt her knee and has difficulty walking, but there are no fractures. She also chipped a tooth. Rachael will see a Neurologist this week, and we pray all will turn out well. It is difficult as she is the “taxi” taking her children to school, and their activities, and has been told she can’t drive for three months. Prayers for the entire family – it is hard on the children.

Bill and Della Bennett – both Bill and Della are dealing with health issues, and our prayers would be a blessing. Della will be seeing an allergist soon, and we pray that allergies are at the root of her voice problems.

Bud & Cary Lee Marical – Bud’s son, Hubie is at home waiting word as to when the chemo and radiation treatments will commence. A mask has been made for his face for protection and stabilization of his head during radiation. Our prayers for Hubie, his wife Annette, the boys, Bud, Cary Lee and the rest of the family would be appreciated. Anything is possible with God!

Nathan Falco – keep praying for Nathan, grandson of Charlotte and Bob Hollis. Nathan is having an ultra sound to determine the cause of the constant flu like symptoms, and to discover why he has elevated liver enzymes. Nathan is scared, knot knowing what is happening. Please pray for Nathan, Sherry, John, his brother and Charlotte and Bob.

David Otte – keep David in your prayers as he settles into life in Missoula, Montana. He is presently living with one of the Elders from the church, and will soon be moving to his new residence. David is doing very well, and sends greetings to everyone at Central.

Coy and Roszella Stephenson – please keep Coy in your prayers for a swift recovery and a return to better health following surgery. He is doing excellent, states Roszella. Also, Olivia, who has eating problems, goes to bed at night crying due to hunger. She is afraid to eat because of the reaction she experiences to certain food. An appointment is being set-up to see a Dr. where they study eating disorders in children. Pray this happens quickly. Coy and Roszella’s son Robert didn’t have the surgery on his tongue, but will have steroid shots around the growth. Prayers please!

Bob Polley -keep Bob in your prayers, as he .goes through treatment for the cancer on his nose, and for his return to better health.

Evelyn Broughton – is having some tests, and would appreciate our prayers for her health, and good test results.

Verna Denny – requests prayers on behalf of her son, Kevin who has heart problems. Also our prayers, on behalf of her daughter-in-law, Michelle, who has multiple health issues, would be appreciated. She’s had a triple by-pass, is legally blind, on dialysis and bed ridden.

Celina Hunt – continue to pray for Celina as she deals with extreme back pain, due to inflammation. She will be having injections for the inflammation, once a month. Also, Jack has a cancer on his ear, and waiting for information re treatment. Please keep Celina and Jack in your prayers, for healing and successful treatment.

Cody & Betty Williams – Please pray for Betty to have a better measure of health and keep Cody in your prayers as
he cares for his mother. Betty is often lonely, and appreciates visits.

Loretta Reuben – would appreciate our prayers as she waits for further consultations and tests. Loretta left this past week for Texas, and requests prayers for her safe return. She will be gone two months.

Darrell Gritten – continue remembering Darrell’s sister, Linda McClintock in your prayers. Linda has a “glow”, maybe a false positive spot on her liver, and will have a MRI, then bio of liver, and if it’s lung still, three hits of radiation should kill ‘it’, as Linda states. Linda is very optimistic that all will turn out well. Darrell states, “I am worried”. Prayers please for Linda, Lee, and, of course, Darrell and Jeannine.

Frances Quintanilla – is not doing very well, is only able to walk short distances within her home, otherwise she needs a wheel chair. Please remember Frances in your prayers.

Willie Mae Durst – states she is worse than she was right after the surgery. She is in a great deal of pain and is frustrated with the ongoing concern regarding the lack of improvement. Willie Mae needs our prayers.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – continues to deal with breathing problems and has had some improvement in his mobility. Nenita has debilitating arthritis and sciatic problems, and is unable to carry out many tasks. Elmer and Nenita are in need of our prayers.

Carolyn Nolan – has her new breathing machine, which is a blessing. Carolyn still needs our prayers for better health and strength.

Alfred Espinosa – would appreciate our prayers to help him cope with his situation, and for his strength as he deals daily with many ordeals.

Pat Hobbs – a former member here and now living in Georgia, has not started Chemo, but has been taking medication. Please pray for resolution to the problems Pat is experiencing getting started on the Chemo, for the medication to help, and for his peace of heart.

Vanessa Jones – would appreciate our prayers and support as she struggles to overcome extreme loneliness, for her family in Tennessee.

Toni Wilson – asks for prayers for her son Andrew, who is living on the streets and doing drugs. He needs to enter rehab, and get his life in order.

Anna Laurent – requests prayers on behalf of Mark Vreeland, who has lymphoma, and is now having treatment.