Our deepest sympathy is extended to Jean and Larry Sundquist, in the recent loss of Jean’s sister, Peggy Matillo, following a stroke. We pray that God’s loving care will give you comfort and peace of heart, in your loss, and know that we love you and are praying for you.

Announcements for Prayers

Sick & Shut-ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Harold Holden (at home], Warren Hoover [Meadowbrook Nursing Facility), Ardene Lockhart [Desert Hills Special Care), Elizabeth Otis [Citrus Gardens], Carl Alexander (Upland)

Bud & Cary Lee Marical – request prayers on behalf of Bud’s son, Hubie who is in the hospital at Kaiser in Fontana. Hubie had been sleeping all the time, and the thought was it was his medication. His wife, Annette took him to the hospital, and tests revealed that he has a tumor in the frontal lob of his head. They will do a biopsy the first of next week and try and shrink the tumor. Please be in prayer for Hubie, Annette, their sons and of course Bud and Cary Lee.

Vanessa Jones – has been very home sick for her family in Tennessee, and would appreciate our prayers. This is her first time to be separated from her family.

Celina Hunt – has been having extreme back problems, and dealing with extreme pain. She had an MRI, and we wait for information on the results. Also, Jack has a cancer on his ear, and we are waiting for information re treatment. Please keep Celina and Jack in your prayers, for good results and successful treatment.

Coy and Roszella Stephenson – request prayers for Olivia, their six year old great granddaughter, who is now getting PediaSure with the special medication necessary to help with her eating and digestive concerns. Praise God, they have been able to secure the medication through insurance. Coy’s surgery is scheduled for. May 4. Pray for successful surgery, good results and Coy’s return to better health.

Willie Mae Durst – states she is not doing very well, and our prayers for her full and complete recovery following hip surgery, would be a blessing.

Cody & Betty Williams – Please pray for Betty to have a better measure of health, and that Cody remains healthy as he cares for his mother.

Bill and Della Bennett – both Bill and Della are dealing with health issues, our prayers would be a blessing.

Carolyn Nolan – has her new breathing machine, which is a blessing. Carolyn still needs our prayers for better health and strength.

Daryl Dorn – please keep Daryl in your prayers, for his health and strength, and for the stamina he needs to take care of his children, and the weekly routine of dialysis.

Larry Sundquist – our prayers for Larry’s return to excellent health, would be a blessing.

Loretta Reuben – would appreciate our prayers as she waits for further consultations and tests.

Darrell Gritten – continue remembering Darrell’s sister, Linda McClintock in your prayers, as she recovers from chemo and radiation. She is doing fairly well, but is sleepy and hungry. It’s good she has a appetite.

Verna Denny – requests prayers on behalf of her daughter-in-law, Michelle. Michelle has multiple health issues including having had a triple by-pass, is legally blind, on dialysis and bed ridded.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – is still unable to walk and he continues to deal with breathing problems. Nenita has debilitating arthritis and sciatic problems, and is unable to carry out many tasks. Elmer and Nenita are in need of our prayers.

Wilma & Wayne Maynard – please keep Wilma and Wayne in your prayers, as they deal with health issues, and for their return to good health.

Toni Wilson – asks for prayers for her son Andrew, who is living an the streets and doing drugs. He needs to enter rehab, and get his life in order.

Linda Sheldon – is once again on antibiotics for sinus infection. She is not feeling well, is discouraged and would be blessed by our prayers.

Mike Matthews – keep praying for Mike to regain his health and strength, following bypass and valve replacement heart surgery.

Anna Laurent – requests prayers on behalf of Mark Vreeland, who has lymphoma, and is now having treatment. Mark is feeling down and concerned. Our prayers would be appreciated. Anna is Ed & Carole’s daughter-in-law.

Frances Quintanilla – is not doing well at all. She was feeling much better, but has taken a turn for the worse. Remember Frances in your prayers.