Sick & Shut-ins — Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Harold Holden (at home), James Luttrell (Yorkshire House Building A), Ardene Lockhart (Desert Hills Special Care), Warren Hoover (Meadowbrook Nursing Facility), Carl Alexander (Upland), Joannie Janke (Escondido), Jeff Janke (Rubideaux)

Jeannie Otterness will have her second facet block in her back on Apr. 21. She had the first one on the 7th, and she is experiencing some relief in her back. She has a way to go before she is pain free. Prayers please!

Charlotte Hollis – is having eye surgery on Tues. 21. She is having a combined cataract and trabeculectomy glaucoma surgery Please lift Charlotte up in prayer.

Frances Quintanilla – continue to keep Frances in your prayers. She now must have a 24/7 caregiver. Her daughters will take turn.

Celina Hunt – continues to feel much better. Keep on praying/

Wayne Maynard – is now home from the hospital, but has come difficulty walking. Therapy is the next step. Continue to pray for Wayne’s return to good health.

Ina Kerstetter – says she is doing much better. She asks for prayer for her grandson Kirk, 19, who is being deployed to Iraq

Loretta Reuben – Loretta’s granddaughter is doing much better. Pray for her return to good health. Also Loretta needs our prayers to be strong as she deals with health issues.

Willie Mae Durst – requests prayers for her granddaughter, Summer Owens, who has been struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs.

Philip Shouey – says he now has an appointment with a Dr., and hopefully the hernia situation/surgery can be resolved soon. Keep Phillip in your prayers.

Homer Raney – please lift Homer’s name up in prayer, that the Drs. find the root of his health problems, and he is once again feeling well.

Roszella Stephenson – reports that her brother, Reggie, who they though was going to have his leg amputated, has made a turn around, fighting off the infection, and his health and is improving. Keep on praying.

Daryl Dorn – it appears that Daryl will have a kidney transplant next month. Keep praying that happens.

Linda Lawrence – has been sick with the flu. Prayers would be appreciated.

Lupe Hanks – has had a culture taken, and is waiting for results. She has been on antibiotics for a long period of time for sinus infection. Please pray for Lupe.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – our prayers for both Elmer and Nenita would be appreciated as they both deal with health issues.

Darrell Gritten – remember to keep Darrell in your prayers as he continues with radiation and chemo therapy.

Carolene Young – continue to keep Carotene in your prayers as she anticipates her second cornea transplant, Carolene also requests prayers on behalf of her sister-in-law Kay Lenard, who is suffering from back problems. Also, for Kay’s daughter (Carolene’s niece) , Jamie, who has crones’ disease and leukemia.

Bill & Della Bennett – continue to keep Bill and Della’s grandson, Christopher in your prayers. Also prayers for Bill and Della, as they deal with health issues.

Wilma Maynard – continues to improve, and is looking forward to her return to good health. Continue to prayer for Wilma’s full and complete recovery.

Rob & Sharon Robinson – Sharon continues with the daily antibiotic infusions for the staph infection in her sinus’. Two more week. Pray this time the infection is eradicated. Also, Rob has been dealing with a great deal of jaw pain from the shattering and extraction of two teeth. He remains on antibiotics. Prayers for healing please.

Garlina Lewis – keep Garlina and her daughters A’aya (commencing chemo therapy) and Kiki in your prayers.

Lucille Rose – please pray for Lucille as she deals with the continuing eye problem.