09/18/2016  Leantrey Ligons requests prayer for numerous issues in her life right now, both physical and spiritual.  Please join in prayer for her…

Please continue to pray for Jeannie Holden and her family

Please continue to remember Tom Butler and his family

Larry & Jean Sundquist – We are sad that Larry and Jean will be relocating to Royce City, TX in mid October. They will be living with their daughter, which is a blessing, being close to her. Larry was instrumental in setting up our webpage, and has been the web-master for several years, Larry’s area of expertise. A job well done Larry! We will miss Jean’s input and wisdom in our Ladies’ Bible Class, you have blessed us. You may be absent from us here in Hemet, but you will always be close in heart. Love and blessings!

Our Wednesday evening and Sunday evening services, are a class discussion format. Come and join in the discussion.

Announcements for Prayer-
Sick & Shut-ins – Veda Graber (San Marcos), Millard Browne [Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Warren Hoover (Meadowbrook Nursing Facility], Ardene Lockhart (Desert Hills Special Care), Elizabeth Otis (Citrus Gardens), Carl Alexander [Upland]

Bud Marical – was admitted to the VA Loma Linda in Menifee last Sunday evening, suffering with excruciating pain and very sick. His gall bladder was gangrenous, and surgery was immediately recommended. The surgery was performed on Tues. evening when his blood was thick enough to go ahead with it. Bud was on blood thinners, hence the wait. Praise God for answered prayers. Bud, is now on the road to recovery. Keep praying. Also continue to remember Bud’s son, Hubie in your prayers, as he continues treatment for the cancerous tumor in his brain. He is doing well.

Loyda Counts – Praise God for answered prayers! Loyda’s tests all came back good. The Dr. doesn’t know where the extreme pain was coming from, but in preparation for the colonoscopy the pain is now gone. She is proactive in addressing the issue, and is taking probiotics. Pray for Loyda’s return to good health.

Verna Denny – requests prayers on behalf of her daughter-in-law Michelle, who has multiple health issues due to diabetes, having had her leg amputated a week ago. Pray for her healing. Also her son, Kevin has heart problems. Verna continues to minister and care for her family, and is also in need of our prayers for her health and strength.

Jim & Michelle Hutchison – Jim’s mother, Genevieve Hutchison, is recovering from a recent heart procedure, where they went in and “zapped” the area in her heart that was not triggering properly. Genevieve had some complications, but is now home and recovering. Keep praying!

Coy and Roszella Stephenson – Coy is doing better, but really exhausted. He has A fib, been suffering from very bad pain [had an EKG – it looked good), is scheduled for a stress test (will be wearing a monitor for a week), is on medication and has had an elevated pulse rate and blood pressure, although the medication has helped. He will have a consultation with the cardiologist following the removal of the monitor. Robert, their son, is being treated with injections for the infection on his tongue, and little Olivia, has started shutting down on her eating. She was accepted into a 12-week program at a San Diego hospital, for her eating disorder, her kidney problems are less, but her kidneys are still swollen. Also, Olivia’s mother, and Coy & Roszella’s granddaughter, Crystal has shingles. Keep praying for Coy, Robert, Crystal and Olivia.

Don Otis – requests our prayers on behalf of his good friend and neighbor, Howard Clark. Howard took a bad fall a week ago, and is now back in his wheelchair. Nothing is broken, but the injury is sufficient that he has t^ once again use the wheel chair.

Ivonne Reyes – request prayers on behalf of her husband, Ricardo who is being deployed to Qatar, and for herself to open her mind to understanding.

Lee & Maralyn Spain – requested prayers on behalf of his brother-in-law who is caring for Lee’s sister, Kristin. Kristin is unable to care for herself at all. Our prayers for Kristin would also be a blessing. Maralyn is leaving tomorrow, with her sister, on a trip to Chicago, and Lee is planning a trip to Tennessee and Alabama. Pray for their safe travels.

Mercy Ballard – wants to make a greater impact on her family, and requests our prayers for strength to encourage them. Mercy, you are already a wonderful example.

Bob Kivell – had his permanent port for his kidney dialysis redone this past week and he continues to recover from heart surgery. He continues with dialysis three times a week. Keep praying for Bob’s healing and wellbeing.

Charlotte Hollis – continues to have some eye problems, since her last surgery. Continues to pray for Charlotte and that the pressure and problems she is having, will be alleviated.

Tammy Gerbl – is no longer getting injections for her back. She will see another surgeon, and insist on help, Tammy states: “I don’t want to be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life”. Right now, that is the only way she is able to get around. Pray she receives help very soon, for resolution and freedom from pain.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – continues to deal with breathing problems and is very immobile. Nenita has debilitating osteoarthritis and sciatic problems, and is unable to carry out many tasks. She continues with the exercises advised by her Dr., and has decided against surgery. Elmer and Nenita are in need of our prayers

Carolyn Nolan – requests prayers on behalf of her daughter Aaron, on her own with two children. She also requests prayers for all her children, and for herself, to help her, remain more focused on her Bible studies.

Janet Vryheid – continues to recover from her third foot surgery. Pray for healing, and freedom from pain. This has been a long ordeal for Janet.

Sherry Falco – continues to recover from surgery for adhesions, Please remember Sherry in your prayers for healing and freedom from pain.

Celina Hunt – continue to pray that the injections for extreme back pain gives Celina relief from the back pain. Her husband Jack, is pretty much bed ridden, and would be blessed with our prayers.

Janice Sanchez – requests prayers. She continues to suffer from back problems, is getting injections now, and prayers that they work, would be a blessing.

Frances Quintanilla -needs our prayers for her return to better health.

Ronnie Toilette – a former member here, now living in Oklahoma, is having liver problem and going for tests. Ronnie requests our prayers

Betty Williams – keep Betty in your prayers. She has not been feeling well for same time. Also keep Cody in your prayers as he cares for his mother.