Announcements for Prayers
Sick & Shut-ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home], Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Harold Holden (at home), Warren Hoover (Meadowbrook Nursing Facility) James Luttrell (Yorkshire House Building A), Ardene Lockhart [Desert Hills Special Care), Elizabeth Otis [Citrus Gardens), Carl Alexander (Upland), Joannie Janke (Escondido), Jeff Janke (Rubideaux)
Gloria Butler – had surgery on one of her fingers that was bend against the palm of her hand. Plus she continues to deal with a very bad back. Prayers would be a blessing.

Anna Arnaiz – went to her Dr. this past week, and when he checked her heart, the ambulance was called and Anna was taken to the hospital. She is now home, but very nervous to be alone. Continue in prayer for Anna.

Anna Laurent – is now off oxygen and breathing on her own, following triple by-pass and valve replacement surgery. Our continued prayers for Anna’s return to good health would be appreciated.

Roszella Stephenson – keep Roszella in your prayers for her return to good health. She spent over a week in the hospital and has had several tests and infusion for ten days, for a severe bacterial infection. Also keep Coy in your prayers.

Della & Bill Bennett – please lift Della and Bill up in prayers for their return to better health. Della says she is up and down. Some days she has a voice, and then she will have no voice. As yet they have no answers.

Elmer Skinner – remains in Manor Care, but he had a setback last week. Elmer has a crack in his spine, likely from coming down hard on his tailbone, or possibly from passing out and falling. He is determined to be able to be mobile, before he goes home. Please remember Elmer and Nenita in your prayers.

Janet Vryheid – had a set back, when she fell on her broken ankle. it was so painful that she was shaking with pain. We pray that it is not a torn tendon, as one Dr. stated. Our prayers for Janet’s healing, would be appreciated.

Maxine Glover – states that she has been free from pain for about a week now. Praise God for answered prayers. Maxine requests prayers on behalf of her apartment manager Carol. Carol was in Eisenhower Medical in Palm Springs for septic meningitis. They caught that in time, but Carol still deals with autoimmune diseases and other medical issues. Keep praying for Carol.

Evelyn Broughton – requests prayers for her sister, who is fighting an infection and the Drs. Are puzzled where the source is. Surgery is planned, probably exploratory. Pray for Evelyn’s sister please.

Lori Cavozos – requested prayers for her dear friends and neighbors, Tracey and Sabina. Tracey had been run over by a vehicle, and taken to Morena Valley hospital in critical condition a couple of weeks ago, with severe hip, knee and shoulder injuries. He is recovering. Prayer works.

Janice Sanchez – has not been well, she has difficulty walking and has been in much pain. Janice would appreciate our prayers.

Willie Mae Durst – keep Willie Mae in your prayers as she continues to deal with painful shoulder problems.

James Luttrell – was placed on oxygen this past week. Please keep James in your prayers. He is in Yorkshire House building A.

Dan Watson – continue to pray for Dan’s full and complete recovery. He is doing so much better. He has a good appetite, and able to walk more steadily.

Ina Kerstetter – remember Ina in your prayers as she continues with dialysis and the aftermath of the treatment.

Homer Raney – keep praying for Homer’s return to good health.

Kelly Reed – requests prayers for her mother, who suffered a stroke, and is continuing in her recovery. Keep the family in your prayers.

Daryl Dorn – asks us to pray for relief of the extreme pain he’s experiencing in his legs from severe leg cramps. No information at this time regarding his kidney transplant.

Betty Williams – continues to have difficulties, possibly due to the mold in her home, and added to that she has congestive heart failure. Betty needs our prayers.

Frances Guintanilla – is frail, has lost a great deal of weight, but is able to get out of bed for very
brief periods of time. Our prayers would be a blessing.