Announcements for Prayer-

Please continue to pray for Jeannie Holden and her family

Please continue to remember Tom Butler and his family

– Veda Graber (San Marcos), Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Warren Hoover (Meadowbrook Nursing Facility), Ardene Lockhart [Desert Hills Special Care), Elizabeth Otis (Citrus Gardens), Carl Alexander [Upland]

Jeanine Gritten – has been having a great deal of pain in her eye from Scleritis [rheumatoid arthritis). Pray for her relief from the pain.

Janice Sanchez – requests prayers. She continues to suffer from back problems, is getting injections now, and prayers that they work, would be a blessing.

Cary Lee Adkins Marical – requests prayers on behalf of her dear friend Barb Collins. Barb is now on Hospice Care, she sleeps a great deal, and the prognosis is not encouraging.

Della Bennett – keep praying for Della as she recovers from throat surgery. Pray for her healing and return to good health.

Bob Kivell – saw the Dr. again this past Friday, to see if entry can be made into the dialysis port. An earlier attempt last week failed. This is all in preparation for heart surgery. Keep praying for Bob!

Wilma Maynard – continues to recover from triple by-pass surgery. Pray for her return to good health.

Janet Vryheid – will have her foot surgery on Aug. 2, at St. Bernardine’s Hospital. Our prayer is that this will be the last time Janet’s needs surgery on that foot, and she makes a full and complete recovery.

Tammy Gerbl – pray that injections give Tammy relief from the continued back/hip pain.

Bud S. Cary Lee Marical – requests our prayers on behalf of Bud’s son, Nubia Marical, as he continues with radiation and chema There is a positive difference in his communication, and overall health. We pray the tumor is shrinking.

Pat Hobbs – received wonderful news last Friday! Finally after about ten years, he will immediately start receiving 351, with a huge back payment. Pat is so grateful, and is happy to be free of so much anxiety and stress. Keep praying for Pat.

Frances Quintanilla – needs our prayers for her return to better health.

Nathan Falco – Charlotte and Bob Hollis’ grandson, was taken to emergency last week, and tests revealed that the liver enzymes are again elevated. Please keep Nathan in your prayers for his return to good health, and that answers are forthcoming.

Celina Hunt – continue to pray that the injections for extreme back pain gives Celina relief from the back pain.

Larry & Jean Sundquist – request prayers on behalf of their, brother-in-law. He is unable to care for himself, so a residence is being sought. Also keep Larry in your prayers for his return to excellent health.

Carolyn Nolan – keep Carolyn in your prayers for better health and strength

Verna Denny – requests prayers on behalf of her son, Kevin who has heart problems and for her daughter-in-law, Michelle, who has multiple health issues. Verna needs our prayers.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – continues to deal with breathing problems and has had some improvement in his mobility. Nenita has debilitating arthritis and sciatic problems, and is unable to carry out many tasks. Elmer and Nenita are in need of our prayers.

Coy and Roszella Stephenson -Olivia [their great granddaughter] is trying new foods, but still having gagging problems. She has found a few things she “thinks” she will eat. Keep praying!

Betty Williams – keep Betty in your prayers. She has not been feeling well for some time. Also keep Cody in your prayers as he cares for his mother.

Alfred Espinosa – would appreciate our prayers to help him cope with his situation, and for his strength as he deals daily with many ordeals.