Sick & Shut-ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Helen Jeffries-White (Elder Care of Park Ave.), James Luttrell (Yorkshire House Building A), Ardene Lockhart (Desert Hills Special Care), Warren Hoover, at home, Carl Alexander (Upland), Joannie Janke (Escondido), Jeff Janke {Rubideaux)

Bill & Delia Bennet – continue to keep Bill and Della’s grandson,
Christopher in your prayers as he recovers from brain surgery to remove
a cancerous tumor.

Roszella Stephenson – had her test this past Friday, with results
pending. Our continued prayers would be a blessing.

Jeannie Otterness – is going to a pain management clinic for her back.
Pray that results will be successful and that Jeannie will be pain free.

Anna Arnaiz – has been put on steroids for the extreme pain she has been
suffering in her neck. It has kept her home for a couple of weeks now.
Our prayers would be appreciated. Please keep praying for Anna’s
granddaughter, Kim who is struggling.

Wayne & Wilma Maynard’s daughter, Vicki Burke request our prayers as she has many difficulties and concerns in her fife right now. One major need is a job, so please pray that she will be led by God into His best.

Kelly Reed – please keep Kelly in your prayers as she continues to deal
with debilitating pain behind her ears, her head and her neck.

Joyce Fronk – has been very sick from her chemo treatments. She is to
see her chemo doctor on Monday to see what her prognosis is and perhaps get a different chemo treatment. She has good days and bad days right now. Calls and cards would be uplifting.

Celina Hunt – is waiting for a referral to see about having cortisone
injections in her back, to help alleviate the extreme pain in her back.
She says she really appreciates the prayers from her church family.

Ina Kerstetter – is not feeling well and requests prayers for the pain
she has from the dialysis treatments.

Jim Hutchison – informs us that his mother’s recent hospitalization, for
what was thought heart problems, was due to a type of arthritis that she
has in her breast bone. Continue to pray that Genevieve will continue to
feel much better.

Lucille Rose – please keep Lucille in your prayers, as she will be
having another surgery on her eyes at the Los Angeles USC Medical
Center. A pre-op is scheduled for tomorrow, and they are hopeful to do
the surgery on Oct. 1.

Charlotte Hollis – is in need of our prayers as she continues with eye
problems. She is to see her eye doctor soon, and perhaps she will have
some clear answers as to what procedure will take place.

Lupe Hanks – has been suffering extreme pain and infection in the sinus’
for four months. Our prayers would be a blessing.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – our prayers for both Elmer and Nenita would be
appreciated as they both deal with health issues.

Karen Robinson – requested prayers Wednesday night for her mom Ann who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer (the location was not
specified). Your prayers are much appreciated.

Harold Holden – continue to pray for Harold’s return to good health.
Also keep Jeannie in your prayers, as she ministers to Harold.

Jan & Jim Geller – request prayers on behalf of Jim’s sister-in-law,
Joanna Geller, from Marlow, OK. (cancer). Also please pray Jan’s brother
George’s daughter-in-law, Vlada, (a young woman) very ill with a fungal
disease. It is a rare form of spinal meningitis. Vlada is one of very
few people in the entire US with this type of illness. Prayers please!

Willie Mae Durst – is still suffering with pain from her many shoulder
surgeries. Please keep her in your prayers.

Frances Quintanilla – continue in prayer for Frances, as she deal with
several health issues.

Daryl Dorn – pray that Daryl hears soon regarding a kidney transplant.
He is on the wait list, and he continues to deal with stroke related


“You are my hiding place;
You will protect me from trouble
and surround me with
songs of deliverance
Psalm 32:7