Joyce Fronk – remains in the hospital. Joyce said, 1 don’t want any more chemotherapy, it’s too much.” Please keep Joyce in your prayers.(Joyce passed away last Saturday evening; our prayers are with all of her family and friends)


Our sympathy is extended to Daryl Dorn in the recent passing of his oldest sister. We pray for your peace of heart, as you grieve your loss.


Announcements for Prayer

Sick & Shut-Ins – Don & Veda Graber (at home), Millard Browne (Brownie) (Elder Care of Park Ave.), Harold Holden (at home), James Luttrell (Yorkshire House Building A), Ardene Lockhart (Desert Hills Special Care), Warren Hoover (Meadowbrook Nursing Facility), Carl Alexander (Upland), Joannie Janke (Escondido), Jeff Janke (Rubideaux)
Carolene Young – requests prayers on behalf of her sister-in-law Kay Lenard, who is suffering from back problems. Also, for Kay’s daughter
(Carolene’s niece) , Jamie, who has crones’ disease and leukemia

Ashley Zupkofska – was recently involved in a car accident, and will have an MRI soon, as she is having some difficulties. Ashley still has
health problems from back a couple of years, and has had to remove herself from university. She will have tests regarding these health issues as well. Keep Ashley in your prayers.

Loretta Reuben – is now on medication, for six weeks, to shrink the lymph nodes in her chest area. Pray she doesn’t have to have any further tests, and that all of these health issues are in the past.

Mercy Ballard – Joe Venegas, her brother is in the hospital. He has had several surgeries in the past and is now loosing weight. Our prayer
would be appreciated.

Garlina Lewis – keep Garlina and her daughter in your prayers. Garlina is caring for her daughter, who has brain cancer and has now been placed on Hospice care.

Joyce Erwin – keep Joyce in your prayers as she recovers from the pacemaker implant.

Sherry Falco – Praise God for answered prayers! Sherry has been given a clean bill of health. No pain, no more tests. We are thrilled, and she
is getting stronger every day.

Ina Kerstetter – keep Ina in your prayers as she is weak with no appetite, and the dialysis treatment takes a lot out of her.

Jeannie & Sandy Otterness – their son, Andy, had back surgery this past Thursday. Andy has no pain, and for the first time in years was able to sleep through the night Continue to pray for his recovery and return to excellent health. He is staying with Jeannie & Sandy, for about a week, or until he can take care of himself.

Darrell Gritten – our prayers for Darrell’s return to full and complete health would be a blessing.

Phillip Shouey – has a hernia, and has been suffering with it for some time. He is to have surgery in the near future. Please be in prayer for

Bill & Della Bennett – continue to keep Bill and Della’s grandson, Christopher in your prayers. Also prayers for Bill and Della, as they deal with health issues.

Wilma Maynard – prayers for Wilma’s fully and complete recovery following her heart attack, would be appreciated.

Roszella Stephenson – continue to remember Roszella’s brother Reggie in your prayers as he recovers from the removal of all of his toes, plus
part of one foot

Celina Hunt – informs us that the injections have not done her any good, and she continues to be in pain. Prayers please, for Celina’s relief of pain.

Frances Quintanilla – has many concerns and health issues and would appreciate our prayers.

Toni Wilson – is seeing an OBGYN re results of recent tests, Toni’s niece, Jennipher, is her 20′s with three children, has a brain tumor and Toni’s son, Charlie remains homeless. Please lift Toni, Jennipher & Charlie up in prayer.

Vicki Robertson – daughter of Wanda & Earl, former members here at Central, has been referred to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas. It is a world-renowned institution. Please pray that Vicki can get an appointment soon (she would need to stay at least two weeks).

Daryl Dorn – continue to keep Daryl in your prayers that the kidney transplant will occur soon, and that he will have relief from pain, due to the stroke.

Homer Raney – please lift Homer’s name up in prayer, that the Drs. find the root of his health problems, and he is once again feeling well.

Elmer & Nenita Skinner – our prayers for both Elmer and Nenita would be appreciated as they both deal with health issues. Elmer tells us that he doesn’t get out much any more, and that he is on oxygen 24 hrs. a day.